A Little About TripleE Mfg & Design Inc.

Triple E Manufacturing

Triple E Mfg & Design Inc makes designing and ordering custom apparel easy by combining nylon manufacturing, embroidery, and digital screen printing all together. We began in Western New York making nylon halters for horses in 1984, and that quickly expanded into a full western retail store.

After decades in the equine industry, we enthusiastically opened our apparel shop that allows you to customize clothing from top manufacturers with styles that are both attractive and comfortable. Whether you are looking for shirts that show off your school spirit or a customized hat for your business, our commitment to quality design, cost-effective service, and consistent on-time delivery makes getting customized orders simple.

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Our commitment to quality and customer service that we established all those years ago when we were just making halters has been brought with us to serve all your customized apparel needs. For your convenience, we can even make an online store for you if you want to create a space for students to buy spirit wear or your fans to buy merchandise.

With our in-house designer, we can create custom logos and graphics for your group, team, event, or anything else that requires customized apparel and embroidery. Get in touch with our team today to find reliable solutions to your apparel needs.

How to Order

A Guide for Ordering Custom Apparel

When you buy from Triple E Mfg., you will only need to follow five simple steps to get the customized apparel your organization needs promptly.

Step 01

Submit Your Requirements

The first step in placing your first custom apparel order with Triple E Mfg. is to provide us with your requirements. This can include the quantity of your initial order, the apparel article or articles you would like to customize, and the time frame you need your order fulfilled. Our experienced team will review your order information, assess how we can best fulfill it, and reach out to you for a further discussion. We believe in the importance of getting started on the right foot and ensuring both you and our staff are on the same page at this stage is crucial.

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project design
Step 02


Once we agree on your ordering needs, the fun of designing your custom apparel can begin! We will want to review your logo and/or other custom graphics or wording you want to include on the clothing article. To reduce the risk of issues, we will be able to provide you with a mockup of the design to ensure it will appear exactly as you envision. This stage will not be complete until you are satisfied with the design and can involve back and forth discussions. Our team is easy to deal with and flexible in the ways we can help you with designing your perfect custom apparel item, so do not hesitate to seek our advice during the design process!

Step 03

Approve Design & Pay

To proceed with having your custom order completed we will just need you to formally approve the design. We will not start work on your order until the artwork has been formally approved and you are satisfied with how the custom apparel will look. This step is generally brief thanks to the interactive nature of the design process completed during Step 2.

approval and payment
project production
Step 04


Upon approval of the design for your custom apparel order, production will begin. We aim to get to work promptly on fulfilling your order or setting up your custom online store depending on the plan we agree to. We customize all our available apparel items in the USA, making production a seamless and quick process. The US based customization work added to your selected apparel also lends us the ability to maintain tight oversight throughout the process to ensure quality expectations are met.

Step 05

Pick Up & Delivery

The last step in this simple 5-part process is fulfilling your order and delivering your apparel promptly. We aim to get your custom clothing delivered within the timeframe we set forth when quoting your order. Typically, you can expect your apparel to arrive within 2 weeks of the online store’s closing. We want you to receive your delivery of quality custom clothing quickly and our years of fulfilling both small and large-scale orders have allowed us to master the process. Until your order is delivered, and you are satisfied with everything received, we will not be satisfied!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Payment Methods are Accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept all major credit card providers, Paypal, and Venmo.

What Happens After Ordering?

Once you order we order the pieces we need and get them into production. If you are ordering as part of a group store that is only up for a limited amount of time, we collect all the orders once the store closes and process all of the orders at once. Normal start to finish time is a week to two weeks. Times may vary based on seasonal orders.

What is your Turnaround Time?

Stores are normally left up for a certain period of time. Once a store closes, we will process the orders and put them into production. After a store closes it takes a week to two weeks to get the whole order done.

Will I Receive an Invoice for my Order

You will receive a copy of your order in your package.